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"Working with George was amazing! He's knowledgeable, hard-working, and a great designer"

Dr. Sandra Cremers

Optometrist, Visionary Eye Doctors

From Boring To Beautiful

Become A Community Leader

Rank higher for local keywords and become a key figure in your community

Lower Your Cost Per Lead

A great websites means higher trust. Your paid ads work better and word-of-mouth is more effective

Get A 24/7 Digital Salesperson

Effortlessly lead visitors through your sales pitch and turn them into lifelong customers

Share Your Story

Connect with your customers on a deeper level by sharing the impact you've had on their lives

Build Your Credibility

With great design comes great authority. Instantly boost the reputation of your business

Grow Your Business

We track the leads that visit your website so you can reach out to them faster

Recent Project

DesignSpo is a community for web designers to sharpen their skills.

We create case-studies for the top websites online and gives designers the exact fonts, colors, and breakpoints for their own projects.

Designers also have a place to share their own work and get feedback from other experienced designers in the community.

Helping these designers is my passion and has been my project for the pas

About Me

👋 Hi, I'm George!

I'm a web designer that helps businesses grow their digital presence and connect with more customers.

I've been designing websites for over 10 years. It started with fun experiments on my home computer and I instantly fell in love.

I also love helping other people learn web design. I run a design community called DesignSpo.co and a web design YouTube channel.

My design philosophy is that every business has unique needs that a design must align with in order to be effective. Some businesses would benefit from a flashy, animated website. Others need simple and straightforward design to get more leads.

That's why I offer free strategy sessions to businesses, so they can learn what kind of design would be best for them.

To schedule your free strategy call, click the button below to get started.

30-Minute Strategy Session

Discover what amazing design can do for your business.

Use the calendar on the right to schedule a free 30-minute strategy session where I'll give you clarity on the best kind of website for your business.

If I think I can help you build it, I'll let you know. If I can't, I'll find you someone who can.


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