Week 1 Day 2: The Benefits Of Focused Learning

My adventures in rapid skill acquisition continue. As it turns out, dedicating a large amount of time to focused effort produces rapid results. I’m much further along in Ultralearning than I thought I’d be. As of right now I only have about 80 pages left. I’ll probably be able to write up a summary by […]

Week 1, Day 1: Ultralearning

Today is the first day of a 50 week challenge in rapid skill acquisition. Over the next 50 weeks I’ll attempt to hit a number of goals in a rapidly short amount of time. Although the goals or timeframe may expand or contract over time the preliminary goals are as follows: 10 million YouTube views […]

Day 0: Introduction To The Project

Hi, I’m George and over the next 50 weeks I am going to share with you my findings on rapid skill acquisition. The rules are simple. Every day I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned and at the end of week do a full write-up on my progress in acquiring a particular skill. […]